Estonian Brides

Have you ever heard that Estonia has the biggest ratio of models in the country? Well, this fact speaks for itself, suggesting that Estonian online wives are extremely pretty. Big blue eyes and blonde hair have been a staple of beauty for many centuries and most ladies from Estonia meet this beauty standard. It’s interesting that over 95% of the native Estonian population has blue eyes.

Characteristics of Estonian Women

They Are Beautiful

Generally speaking, not all Estonians are blonde. Some girls have beautiful red hair or darker locks. We can explain such genetic diversity by the geographic location o Estonia. Through history, this country had been some kind of a border between Russia and Europe. Such a great variety of genes made the looks of Estonian beauties so special and different from each other. A lot of women in Estonia are half-Russian and you know how beautiful Russians are, don’t you? Now imagine how beautiful the combination of Russian and Estonian genes would look. Bet you can’t even picture it and the only way to do so is to see Estonian beauties with your own eyes.

Moreover, mixed genes make a positive influence on the overall health of a person, so Estonian ladies are really healthy and strong. They are famous for their love for sports and healthy eating. So expect your beautiful future Estonian wife to be very athletic.

Estonian Women for Dating Are Super Stylish

Estonia has a lot of Nordic influence and the Scandinavian countries are famous to be very trend-sensitive. In this way, women from Estonia always care about how they look and what they wear. Most men are sick and tired of women, wearing sweatpants and having a messy bun. However, Estonian women wear even the most casual outfits with unbelievable grace and confidence.

They know how to dress for different occasions, whether it’s a hike, a party or a business meeting. Estonian mail-order wifes always look stylish and know the latest fashion trends. Though, they know what fits them best and stay true to their style, they would never dress up in fashionable clothes that don’t suit them from head to toes. These women know how to embrace their natural features with garment and makeup. Pretty Estonian brides also would never do the makeup that would be too heavy and make them look like clowns. “No makeup makeup” is what they opt for instead of cakey looks.

Hot Estonian Women Are Very Smart

According to UNESCO, Estonians are the third country in the list of adult literacy rate, making up to 99.8% of the literate population. Secondary education is obligatory in Estonia and each citizen of the country has decent educated. During the school years, young Estonians learn a lot of subjects from different scientific areas and grow up being intelligent people with a broad outlook and excellent academic knowledge base.

Even though only about ⅓ of high school graduates go to universities, a lot of ladies have well-paid full-time jobs. It’s reported that Estonian women are more active in a workforce than the European Union average. This fact proves that Estonian women are able to provide for themselves and never look for men to bring them money, the only reasons Estonian women become mail order brides is to find a true soulmate. Working full time doesn’t allow these ladies to maintain social activity and go out for pointless dates and online dating sites seem to be less time consuming, more meaningful and effective to beautiful Estonian women.

Estonian Mail Order Brides Are Modest

Northern European women are usually described as very reserved and sometimes even selfish. However, this is a huge stereotype that doesn’t have anything in common with how things go in real life. The truth is, Estonian beauties know their worth and never let complete strangers get too close to them. These cold and emotionless walls fall down as soon as the woman understands that the other person’s intentions towards her are good and friendly atmosphere arises.

It’s interesting that one night stands and short-term relationships are a no go in Estonia because women take some time to get to know men and understand if a particular guy is a good fit for dating long-term and creating a family as a consequence. Ladies in Estonia also don’t go overboard with flirting and fully commit to a man they have as their fiance or husband. So don’t be surprised that a girl you like doesn’t make eye contact with you or seems a bit cold when you talk to her. Just take the time and show her you are reliable enough so she could trust you.

These Women Are Modern and Traditional at the Same Time

European people are very religious and traditional. However, that doesn’t apply to people from Estonia. Estonian women and looking for partnership in relationships and don’t want to be fully provided by a man. though, these beauties still try to make an effort in housekeeping and love taking care of their kids and families. expect your Estonian wife to cook and clean for you, but know that she will demand the same from you. Well, you’re most likely won’t be obligated to clean and cook, but your duties will still be important for the wellbeing of the family. Estonian women give all of them to the family and want their husbands to do the same, taking an active part in family life and not just laying on the couch next to the TV. Generally speaking, Estonian ladies are moderate feminists.

As for religion, very few people in Estonia follow a particular religious cult. About 15% of citizens claim to be agnostics and only 5% are religious. Estonians believe that religion can ruin the liberal society their ancestors were creating for them. Though, the absence of religion doesn’t mean Estonian women have no moral.

Estonian Ladies for Marriage Are Open-Minded

You have to remember that Estonian beauties have a very high level of education and don’t commit to a particular religion, which allows them to see the world from different points of view.

You also might ask “You say that women from Estonia are beautiful, educated and stylish. But why do they become mail order brides then? can’t they find a man in Estonia?”. Well, the fact they’re open-minded explains a lot of things. Estonian girls want to explore other cultures and go beyond the borders of local dating. Also, you might have heard something about Estonian men because a lot of people call them selfish and self-centered. These guys also have ultimately poor social skills and approaching a woman is quite a big deal for them. Determined and strong Estonian ladies are simply not ready to wait around until a guy is ready to come up and say “Hi”. Living amongst such beautiful ladies made Estonian guys completely lazy, indecisive and spoilt. Such amazing ladies deserve to be treated better than that and that’s why they choose foreign men.

Pretty Estonian Girls Are Friendly and Hospitable

Cold and reserved at first sight, Estonian women have wonderful personalities and are very nice to be around. They adore taking care of other people, especially their guests. That makes Estonian women for marriage super hospitable and fun-loving. If Estonian woman will invite you for dinner with her parents, you better come hungry because the table will be literally cracking from how many treats there will be on it. Expect all the traditional Estonian dishes like mulgipuder, hernetatrapuder, homemade rye bread, kohuke and kiluvõileib to be on the table. Note that you will be obliged to try each dish, otherwise your behaviour will be seen as disrespect.

Estonian Brides Respect Their Culture

Modern Estonians know that their ancestors had to fight hard to create the liberal society they currently live in. Estonian women are very respectful of their culture and history. The best way to make the heart of those women melt is by asking them about their history and culture. But give us a promise not to ask questions about USSR. These dark times are gone and Estonians prefer not to awaken old memories in their minds.

Be fully present when your Estonian lady will be answering your question, sharing insights on her culture. listen carefully and show how amazed you are with what she’s telling you (be genuine and don’t try to fake amazement at that point). Respecting the culture of an Estonian woman means respecting the woman herself.

How to Find Women in Estonia

Once you know that Estonian mail order brides interest you, it’s time to start the search. Let’s take a look at the most popular places for meeting an Estonian single:

At Public Places

Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia, is a beautiful city and it’s definitely worth visiting. But is it the right place to go to for bride scouting? Well, let’s remember how reserved and uninterested Estonian beauties may seem when you approach them for the first time. Coming up to many beauties on the streets and getting only a couple of cold words back while trying to make up a conversation will definitely demotivate you. moreover, no one will take you seriously if you approach a girl at a public place. Coming up to an Estonian lady on the street is not the best idea.


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