Estonian Dating

Estonian Dating Culture

Estonian women are without a doubt very appealing to men. This fact is explained by the beauty of women in Estonia, but not only the outside beauty but the inside as well. They are kind and intelligent, prefer talking if they have what to say, value family and the opportunity for personal growth. Such factors make them attractive and during summer or autumn season many foreign men fall for their charm.

Estonia is a fascinating country in Northern Europe, it has breathtaking cultural sites to visit and such a trip won’t ever be erased from your memory – it’s an unforgettable experience. And due to the historical events and geological position, Estonia has special traditions. The culture is pretty diverse and interesting, and it affects the dating culture as well. 

If you are planning to visit the country to find a girlfriend, or to use a dating site to meet an Estonian single woman, you need to be aware of the dating culture. In this short review, you will find information about Estonian dating etiquette


Estonian Dating Customs 

It’s a fact that the dating culture of one country might impress the citizen of another country. The differences might be even huge. For instance, in some Eastern European countries it’s common to date less than a year and to get married – such a tradition genuinely shocks citizens of the US, or Germany, or the UK, etc. In some countries it’s a must to bring flowers for a lady, in others, it’s frowned upon, etc.

You need to gain a better understanding of Estonian dating rules if you don’t want to look like a fool or to offend your date. Although because you are a foreigner, you won’t be strictly judged. But if you are planning a serious romantic relationship with the woman you like, it’s best to start learning facts about the dating culture and culture in Estonia overall. Be sure that she will do the same and will make research about the dating culture in your native country.

No Small Talks

It doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss the weather or be simply polite before you find an interesting topic to talk about. But be aware that people in Estonia don’t like conversations only for the sake of having a conversation. It should be meaningful, or it shouldn’t be happening. Be attentive, ask something about her habits, what she likes, etc. She will be polite and well-mannered, so she will ask some facts about your life. Find a mutual interest and start a discussion.

Men Take The Lead

Don’t get it wrong, women in Estonia graduate, find a job and try to become independent, it’s important for them. But traditionally, men are the ones who have to take the lead in relationships. It doesn’t mean that a man will have to solve all the problems if they arrange marriage and create a family. But he should be the one to make the first steps. 

Estonian women are fond of chivalrous men, and if you will save her from the cold weather by giving her your coat, she will be delighted. But make sure that you immediately take her to a nearby coffee shop, because you don’t want to become a sneezing knight.

Traditions Matter

Sexual liberation is true for European countries, but mostly in the West. If you are expecting that you will immediately spend a night together, you are very wrong about that. But the rule is applied only if she is considering you as a soulmate with whom she can start a serious relationship. If you are looking for a one night encounter, you can find someone, although it won’t be that easy.

Traditionally, dating in Estonia has to lead somewhere. People meet each other, fall in love, sometimes start living together, if they don’t match, they split up. But the goal is to find a partner for life. And women won’t agree to spend a night with someone who they desperately like exactly because of this reason – a woman considers this man to be important. You will probably have to wait around a month, get to know each other, only then you can bring your relationship to another level.

Family Bonds

Family is important for people in Estonia. they love family celebrations, gather together during such events like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday parties, baptizing of newborn children, marriage celebrations, etc. If you are dating seriously, be sure that you will be invited as well. 

Also, women in Estonia love to spoil their beloveds with very tasty food. You might want to start looking for a good gym because our girlfriend will be taking care of you by feeding with delicious traditional meals. But that’s the sign of her love and she shows that she likes you and wants you to be happy.


As it was mentioned above, in some countries it’s OK when you date for a while, see whether you fit each other’s expectations, and then you get married. The logic is simple – if you love each other, you are compatible, you know that you can live in one apartment and you won’t kill each other over a stupid argument, then why can’t you make it an official marriage. 

In reality, you are living as a married couple, the only different thing is that you don’t have an official document. It’s OK in Estonia to date a year and to get married, if your girlfriend is raising such a topic, don’t freak out. If you are not ready, if you want to accomplish some goals before marrying her, just tell her that you are not ready but only for now She will appreciate your honesty.

Bottom Line

Dating culture in Estonia is not that difficult to comprehend. You will get used to it relatively quickly, especially if you fall in love with an Estonian lady. 

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