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Dating Estonian Women

Most men find it difficult to approach an attractive woman even if these men are the most confident and successful gentlemen. It’s hard, no one knows what she will say and whether the usual approach to women will work. Men have some tricks and moves that can help them to make the first contact, but usually, these tricks work on local women. But when you are trying to meet Estonian women, will such approach work?

Perhaps, not. Personality traits and cultural difficulties affect how we speak with other people. We are different since we are brought up in different environments. A person born and brought up in Italy will have different traits than the person brought up in Germany. And such peculiarities affect how women react to different men. If you want to start dating girls in Estonia, your approach should be different.

If you are only considering traveling to Tallinn (which is a very beautiful and old city), then you should know that Estonia has the largest number of models in the world. This fact is proving that women in this fascinating European country are very attractive. If you want to find love and seeking for a potential marriage with one of the single Estonian women, then you should read this guide – it will help you to achieve positive results. 

Dating An Estonian Girl 

It’s a fact that people in Estonia are more reserved, they don’t tend to open up immediately to strangers. But when they warm up to someone, it’s easy to become friends. The same rule is applied when it comes to dating women from Estonia – they might seem a bit cold at a first glance, but that’s only because you don’t know each other yet.

If you want to date an Estonian woman, you have to respect her desire to leave some space and thoughts to herself. When your relationships will become more warm and trustful, you can make the next steps and transform your friendship into romantic relationships. It seems fair that she might not trust you immediately – overall, people don’t tend to trust each other immediately.

If you are interested in someone, but you feel like you don’t know how to approach her, you need to know a few things. First, be yourself. Estonian women prefer amiable, polite men, who respect them and make them feel as comfortable, as possible. If you are acting as a different person to seem better, you both will feel uncomfortable, the tension will ruin the possibility to get to know each other better. Try to be honest and sincere, completely open with your intentions.

The second thing you have to acknowledge is that Estonian women appreciate humor, but it should be subtle. If you have a good sense of humor, make sure that it is effective. Laughing at something stupid won’t be met with enthusiasm. 

If you don’t mind enjoying people’s presence silently, then you won’t have problems with Estonian people overall, and women as well. In Estonia, small talk is not that popular. Talking about whether or other not important topics is believed to be a waste of time. If you don’t have anything to say, it’s better to enjoy the moment in silence. If you feel comfortable being in silence and simply enjoying the company, rather than talking non-stop, then you will quickly find a woman to date.


About Estonian Women

They are unique and beautiful. At first, it might seem that they are a bit too cold, but after a while, you will acknowledge their natural loveliness and inside beauty. But before you start dating someone, you need to find out more about the background of Estonian women. That way you will gain a better understanding of the woman you like. Women in Estonia value:

  • Men good with their hands (repairing or handmade, etc).
  • Family and traditions.
  • Nature and beautiful landscapes.
  • Love creating homemade things.
  • Genuine men.
  • Comfort (mostly emotional).

If you are good at repairing things or constructing something (not necessarily something way too complicated or huge), Estonian women will be impressed. You can mention that in your conversation, that you have such an ability, but be nonchalant since boasting is not the best quality. If you are good at cooking, she will be even more impressed. Women in most of the countries think that men who are cooking are very sexy – you should know that since women fall for that.

Family and traditions are of great importance to Estonian single ladies. They value family bonds and try to attend different celebrations of family members. If you start dating seriously, you might be invited to marriage celebrations, birthdays, etc. If you fall in love with each other and decide to arrange a marriage, be sure that she will value your new family and will do whatever it takes to make both of you happy.

Single Estonian ladies love beautiful landscapes. You can impress the woman you like with a picnic near the lake, in a beautiful park area, etc. They love romantic things as most girls do. Women in Estonia love different homemade things. They love creating homemade stuff and they love receiving them as gifts. If you have skills, you can make cute presents with your hands.

It’s easier to win an Estonian woman’s heart if you are genuine and make her feel comfortable. If she feels safe in your presence, you make her laugh and there is chemistry between you,m then everything will work. But first, you need to meet a woman who will attract your attention. Let’s find out how and where you can meet women from Estonia.

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Meeting An Estonian Woman

You’d think that the easiest way to meet a woman from Estonia is to travel to Estonia and meet her. But it’s not that easy, especially considering that you might not be aware of places where women hang out. The easiest and most effective way is to use dating websites

Online dating services are so popular amongst users not without a reason. The dating online industry is responsible for a higher percentage of happy marriages than traditional dating. Yes, that’s 100% true, you can check the statistics and read different pieces of research that explain why it’s easier to start dating online. 

The good (or even the best) thing about dating online is that you can choose the parameters and narrow the pool to only potential candidates with whom you have something in common. These sites connect people with compatible personalities. For example, both people prefer a passive way of spending their spare time, then they might be a match. But the system connects people who have more than one thing or personality trait in common. 

You can use the following websites to meet Estonian women:

  • ValenTime
  • LoveSwans
  • MatchTruly
  • VictoriaHearts


These websites are mostly used by women from Eastern Europe, including Estonia, and western men who want to marry them. You need to indicate that you are looking for Estonian women and add other personality traits, as well as hobbies, interests, etc. You will find your perfect match very soon with these sites.

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