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Best Estonian Dating Sites

You can prefer traditional dating when you meet someone at a bar or simply walking down a street. Or you might want to use a different approach since the traditional one doesn’t fit your expectations or doesn’t seem to connect you with the right mates. But when you are attracted to a nationality far away from your country, then you have to use dating websites.

Estonian women are stunningly beautiful and special, they have unique personality traits that attract men from all corners of the world. At first, you might think that she is not interested in you due to her coldness. But when you manage to warm her feelings towards you, you will become the luckiest man alive. 

But before you gain an opportunity to start winning someone’s heart, you need to choose a dating platform. In this guide, you will find out about some dating sites that you can use, and the advantages of Estonian dating online platforms.

Advantages Of Estonian Sites For Dating

There are such sites and apps like Tinder or OkCupid that are mainstream. Such websites are used by everyone, no matter what is the age of a member, where he lives, etc. That’s why they have such huge databases of members. But if you want to find a person who lives in a specific country, you will have to put some effort and be very patient because it might take a while. But the process of meeting the right person will be more efficient with niche dating sites.

Estonian dating sites are much better when it comes to finding Estonian singles. Where is more likely for Estonian women to hang out – on mainstream sites or Estonian platforms? The answer is clear – you will find more Estonian women on Estonian sites. Let’s see what advantages have such websites:

  • A greater pool of potential soulmates.
  • Only Estonian women.
  • Members are people with serious intentions.
  • Websites are popular amongst Estonians.

Even though the databases of such websites are smaller than the databases of mainstream sites, but the pool of users is better. If you look at the percentage of Estonian singles on ordinary platforms for dating online, it will be very low. But if you decide to use a platform designed specifically for Estonian singles, the number of users will be higher than that percentage.


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Choosing a Reliable Estonian Dating Platform

There are two things you need to decide – what platform to use, and what are the personality traits that you value the most in women. Choosing a site is an important task if the platform has inactive users, then you won’t find a girlfriend anytime soon. And the personality traits that you value in women are important since you will mention them in your profile.

What is great about those dating sites is that you can single out several potential candidates who have those traits that you value the most. It’s not like finding a random date in a bar where you have no idea if that person is compatible with you, you choose wisely and not only due to the physical appearance – although looks are also important, let’s be honest with that.

Online Dating in Estonia 

The statistics show that dating online produces more happy couples than traditional dating. Registered members know what they want from romantic relationships and they seek other singles due to their preferences. As a result, compatible personalities meet, fall in love, and get married. It’s less likely that they will argue over non-important things and they won’t divorce that easily. But couples that were dating traditionally might not be ready initially for marriage, so they split up.

And it’s a lot easier to write a message rather than to approach a person in life. You don’t know whether that attractive girl or a hot guy is single or not. But on dating platforms everyone is single and people are encouraged by relatively anonymous conditions – even though you use your real name and people see your pictures, you still feel more comfortable.

And online dating in Estonia is not different from online dating in any other country. The only advice on how to receive more effective results is to be as honest and sincere as possible. Don’t pretend to be someone else, just have fun and use all the useful features of the dating platform. For instance, icebreakers are very helpful. Just wink at the woman you like, and if she winks you back, then you can start a conversation.

Best Dating Sites In Estonia

You won’t find a large number of sites dedicated only to Estonian dating, most of them are dedicated to people who live in Eastern Europe, for instance, for Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, etc., singles, including Estonian online users. But at least one site is reliable and dedicated to people in Estonia. Below you will find a list of platforms that you can use.


The site is for general use, but you should visit their homepage, scroll down, there you will find an option “Dating by location”. Choose the country – Estonia, and you can start using the site. It’s one of the best Estonian dating sites that you can find. You need to create a profile, it’s easy to do since you can sign up via Facebook. If you don’t want to use your Facebook account, create an account using an email address (it’s free). Then you can enjoy the search for your soulmate.


A website that caters to the interests of single women from Eastern Europe. Western men tend to use it to find serious relationships. If you are looking for Estonian beauty, then don’t forget to indicate the country where your potential soulmate should be living. Then you can use other filters, for instance, age, body type, hair color, etc. Users are active, the interface of the platform is decent, and search is great, so you can use the services of the site.


As in the previous example, Victoria Hearts cater to the interests of women from such countries as Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, etc. The site has a nice quiz that makes sure that only people with something in common will be connected. It has a good security system that protects all members of the dating platform. If you don’t like waiting, you can use the searching tool. Adjust the search due to your ideas of a perfect woman for you and you will find different profiles to observe.


The creators of this website had in mind a platform where single people would meet and create lifetime couples, just like swans. They surely managed to create such a platform! The database is quite big and members are active. The site caters to the interests of single women from Eastern Europe, and to western men who would love to date them. The website is responsible for a good percent of happy couples, some of them even decided to arrange marriages. 


The reviews of this site show that it is decent and you can find a lot of Estonian women on this platform. You need to register an account, it’s free and won’t take too much of your time. Then you can use the advanced search or wait for daily lists of recommendations. The site is decent and you can find exactly who you want due to a precise matchmaking system.

Estonian Dating

Estonian Dating Culture

Estonian women are without a doubt very appealing to men. This fact is explained by the beauty of women in Estonia, but not only the outside beauty but the inside as well. They are kind and intelligent, prefer talking if they have what to say, value family and the opportunity for personal growth. Such factors make them attractive and during summer or autumn season many foreign men fall for their charm.

Estonia is a fascinating country in Northern Europe, it has breathtaking cultural sites to visit and such a trip won’t ever be erased from your memory – it’s an unforgettable experience. And due to the historical events and geological position, Estonia has special traditions. The culture is pretty diverse and interesting, and it affects the dating culture as well. 

If you are planning to visit the country to find a girlfriend, or to use a dating site to meet an Estonian single woman, you need to be aware of the dating culture. In this short review, you will find information about Estonian dating etiquette


Estonian Dating Customs 

It’s a fact that the dating culture of one country might impress the citizen of another country. The differences might be even huge. For instance, in some Eastern European countries it’s common to date less than a year and to get married – such a tradition genuinely shocks citizens of the US, or Germany, or the UK, etc. In some countries it’s a must to bring flowers for a lady, in others, it’s frowned upon, etc.

You need to gain a better understanding of Estonian dating rules if you don’t want to look like a fool or to offend your date. Although because you are a foreigner, you won’t be strictly judged. But if you are planning a serious romantic relationship with the woman you like, it’s best to start learning facts about the dating culture and culture in Estonia overall. Be sure that she will do the same and will make research about the dating culture in your native country.

No Small Talks

It doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss the weather or be simply polite before you find an interesting topic to talk about. But be aware that people in Estonia don’t like conversations only for the sake of having a conversation. It should be meaningful, or it shouldn’t be happening. Be attentive, ask something about her habits, what she likes, etc. She will be polite and well-mannered, so she will ask some facts about your life. Find a mutual interest and start a discussion.

Men Take The Lead

Don’t get it wrong, women in Estonia graduate, find a job and try to become independent, it’s important for them. But traditionally, men are the ones who have to take the lead in relationships. It doesn’t mean that a man will have to solve all the problems if they arrange marriage and create a family. But he should be the one to make the first steps. 

Estonian women are fond of chivalrous men, and if you will save her from the cold weather by giving her your coat, she will be delighted. But make sure that you immediately take her to a nearby coffee shop, because you don’t want to become a sneezing knight.

Traditions Matter

Sexual liberation is true for European countries, but mostly in the West. If you are expecting that you will immediately spend a night together, you are very wrong about that. But the rule is applied only if she is considering you as a soulmate with whom she can start a serious relationship. If you are looking for a one night encounter, you can find someone, although it won’t be that easy.

Traditionally, dating in Estonia has to lead somewhere. People meet each other, fall in love, sometimes start living together, if they don’t match, they split up. But the goal is to find a partner for life. And women won’t agree to spend a night with someone who they desperately like exactly because of this reason – a woman considers this man to be important. You will probably have to wait around a month, get to know each other, only then you can bring your relationship to another level.

Family Bonds

Family is important for people in Estonia. they love family celebrations, gather together during such events like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday parties, baptizing of newborn children, marriage celebrations, etc. If you are dating seriously, be sure that you will be invited as well. 

Also, women in Estonia love to spoil their beloveds with very tasty food. You might want to start looking for a good gym because our girlfriend will be taking care of you by feeding with delicious traditional meals. But that’s the sign of her love and she shows that she likes you and wants you to be happy.


As it was mentioned above, in some countries it’s OK when you date for a while, see whether you fit each other’s expectations, and then you get married. The logic is simple – if you love each other, you are compatible, you know that you can live in one apartment and you won’t kill each other over a stupid argument, then why can’t you make it an official marriage. 

In reality, you are living as a married couple, the only different thing is that you don’t have an official document. It’s OK in Estonia to date a year and to get married, if your girlfriend is raising such a topic, don’t freak out. If you are not ready, if you want to accomplish some goals before marrying her, just tell her that you are not ready but only for now She will appreciate your honesty.

Bottom Line

Dating culture in Estonia is not that difficult to comprehend. You will get used to it relatively quickly, especially if you fall in love with an Estonian lady. 

Estonian Dating

Dating Estonian Women

Most men find it difficult to approach an attractive woman even if these men are the most confident and successful gentlemen. It’s hard, no one knows what she will say and whether the usual approach to women will work. Men have some tricks and moves that can help them to make the first contact, but usually, these tricks work on local women. But when you are trying to meet Estonian women, will such approach work?

Perhaps, not. Personality traits and cultural difficulties affect how we speak with other people. We are different since we are brought up in different environments. A person born and brought up in Italy will have different traits than the person brought up in Germany. And such peculiarities affect how women react to different men. If you want to start dating girls in Estonia, your approach should be different.

If you are only considering traveling to Tallinn (which is a very beautiful and old city), then you should know that Estonia has the largest number of models in the world. This fact is proving that women in this fascinating European country are very attractive. If you want to find love and seeking for a potential marriage with one of the single Estonian women, then you should read this guide – it will help you to achieve positive results. 

Dating An Estonian Girl 

It’s a fact that people in Estonia are more reserved, they don’t tend to open up immediately to strangers. But when they warm up to someone, it’s easy to become friends. The same rule is applied when it comes to dating women from Estonia – they might seem a bit cold at a first glance, but that’s only because you don’t know each other yet.

If you want to date an Estonian woman, you have to respect her desire to leave some space and thoughts to herself. When your relationships will become more warm and trustful, you can make the next steps and transform your friendship into romantic relationships. It seems fair that she might not trust you immediately – overall, people don’t tend to trust each other immediately.

If you are interested in someone, but you feel like you don’t know how to approach her, you need to know a few things. First, be yourself. Estonian women prefer amiable, polite men, who respect them and make them feel as comfortable, as possible. If you are acting as a different person to seem better, you both will feel uncomfortable, the tension will ruin the possibility to get to know each other better. Try to be honest and sincere, completely open with your intentions.

The second thing you have to acknowledge is that Estonian women appreciate humor, but it should be subtle. If you have a good sense of humor, make sure that it is effective. Laughing at something stupid won’t be met with enthusiasm. 

If you don’t mind enjoying people’s presence silently, then you won’t have problems with Estonian people overall, and women as well. In Estonia, small talk is not that popular. Talking about whether or other not important topics is believed to be a waste of time. If you don’t have anything to say, it’s better to enjoy the moment in silence. If you feel comfortable being in silence and simply enjoying the company, rather than talking non-stop, then you will quickly find a woman to date.


About Estonian Women

They are unique and beautiful. At first, it might seem that they are a bit too cold, but after a while, you will acknowledge their natural loveliness and inside beauty. But before you start dating someone, you need to find out more about the background of Estonian women. That way you will gain a better understanding of the woman you like. Women in Estonia value:

  • Men good with their hands (repairing or handmade, etc).
  • Family and traditions.
  • Nature and beautiful landscapes.
  • Love creating homemade things.
  • Genuine men.
  • Comfort (mostly emotional).

If you are good at repairing things or constructing something (not necessarily something way too complicated or huge), Estonian women will be impressed. You can mention that in your conversation, that you have such an ability, but be nonchalant since boasting is not the best quality. If you are good at cooking, she will be even more impressed. Women in most of the countries think that men who are cooking are very sexy – you should know that since women fall for that.

Family and traditions are of great importance to Estonian single ladies. They value family bonds and try to attend different celebrations of family members. If you start dating seriously, you might be invited to marriage celebrations, birthdays, etc. If you fall in love with each other and decide to arrange a marriage, be sure that she will value your new family and will do whatever it takes to make both of you happy.

Single Estonian ladies love beautiful landscapes. You can impress the woman you like with a picnic near the lake, in a beautiful park area, etc. They love romantic things as most girls do. Women in Estonia love different homemade things. They love creating homemade stuff and they love receiving them as gifts. If you have skills, you can make cute presents with your hands.

It’s easier to win an Estonian woman’s heart if you are genuine and make her feel comfortable. If she feels safe in your presence, you make her laugh and there is chemistry between you,m then everything will work. But first, you need to meet a woman who will attract your attention. Let’s find out how and where you can meet women from Estonia.

estonian brides

Meeting An Estonian Woman

You’d think that the easiest way to meet a woman from Estonia is to travel to Estonia and meet her. But it’s not that easy, especially considering that you might not be aware of places where women hang out. The easiest and most effective way is to use dating websites

Online dating services are so popular amongst users not without a reason. The dating online industry is responsible for a higher percentage of happy marriages than traditional dating. Yes, that’s 100% true, you can check the statistics and read different pieces of research that explain why it’s easier to start dating online. 

The good (or even the best) thing about dating online is that you can choose the parameters and narrow the pool to only potential candidates with whom you have something in common. These sites connect people with compatible personalities. For example, both people prefer a passive way of spending their spare time, then they might be a match. But the system connects people who have more than one thing or personality trait in common. 

You can use the following websites to meet Estonian women:

  • ValenTime
  • LoveSwans
  • MatchTruly
  • VictoriaHearts


These websites are mostly used by women from Eastern Europe, including Estonia, and western men who want to marry them. You need to indicate that you are looking for Estonian women and add other personality traits, as well as hobbies, interests, etc. You will find your perfect match very soon with these sites.